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A people-centred needs analysis for effective humanitarian action.


Frequently Asked Questions on the Joint Intersectoral Analysis Framework.

JIAF 1.1 Guidance - HPC 2023

The guidance document for the Joint Intersectoral Analysis Framework is designed to assist country teams in conducting intersectoral analysis when preparing Humanitarian Needs Overviews (HNOs) and subsequent Humanitarian Response Plans (HRPs) as part of the 2023 Humanitarian Programme Cycle (HPC).

Humanitarian Needs Overview 2021 Documents.

The JIAF helps countries produce Humanitarian Needs Overviews [HNOs]. HNOS help humanitarian country teams develop a shared understanding of a crisis and inform the humanitarian response plan.

JIAF Technical Level Info Note

This briefing note provides an overview of the three core components comprising the Joint Inter-Sectoral Analysis framework (JIAF) approach:
  1. the conceptual framework;
  2. the analytical methodology; and
  3. the implementation process.

JIAF 1.0 Guidance - HPC 2021

This guidance was presented to support the 2021 Humanitarian Programme Cycle (HPC) and to help build on the ‘Enhanced HPC Approach’ initiated in 2019. This document intended to inform, support and guide the work of experts, tasked by country teams (or a similarly empowered entity) to produce a joint intersectoral needs analysis in support of the HPC.

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