JIAF 1.1 In-Depth Trainings

The following trainings provide a detailed/technical level overview of various components of the JIAF methodology and approach, they are designed to be accessed by people with some technical understanding of how the JIAF works, and the humanitarian programme cycle more broadly.

If you are new to the JIAF, watch the four high-level videos to introduce yourself to the basics of the JIAF.

2 - JIAF Indicators and Severity

This is the second module in this in-depth training series. You will learn the following topics in this module.
      Introduction to JIAF Framework and Severity.
      Indicators on Context-Shock-Impact.
      Indicators for the Humanitarian Conditions pillar.
      Crafting your indicators for the JIAF.
      Critical Indicators.
      Magnitude and Degree Indicators.

2 - Indicateurs et sévérité dans le JIAF

Ce module est le deuxième module de cette série de formations de haut niveau. Vous apprendrez les sujets suivants:
      Introduction au cadre conceptuel du JIAF et à la sévérité.
      Indicateurs sur Context-Shock-Impact.
      Indicateurs pour le pilier des Conditions humanitaires.
      Élaborer vos propres indicateurs pour le JIAF.
      Indicateurs critiques.
      Indicateurs de Magnitude vs. Degré.

    3 - JIAF Aggregation and PiN

    This is the third module in this in-depth training series. You will learn about two aggregation scenarios (A and B) to calculate the PiN. What are the characteristics of these scenarios and a step-by-step process to choose a scenario.

    3 - Agrégation et PiN dans le JIAF

    Ce module est le troisième de cette série de formations approfondies. Vous apprendrez les deux scénarios d'agrégation (A et B) pour calculer le PiN, quelles sont les caractéristiques de ces scénarios et comment choisir un scénario, étape par étape.

    4 - JIAF Coordination Set-up

    This video covers the key elements for a successful analysis process. Developing a tailored work plan and setting a realistic timeframe. Second, the roles and responsibilities of the main actors in the coordination structure and where JIAF fits in in all the coordination arrangements.

    6 - JIAF Good Practices

    Learn about what are the good examples of the applications of JIAF? What are the emerging good practice in HNOs, in particular, Section 1.4 and linking pillar of the conceptual framework (‘telling the story).

    7 - JIAF Overview for IC Coordinators & HPC Focal Points

    In this video, you will learn the relation between JIAF and HPC. How the JIAF analytical process fits into the inter-cluster Workplan and how to adapt the standard plan of an inception workshop to the local context.